• Eco-Friendly
  • Zero waste objective
  • Cruelty free
  • Made in Netherlands

Our erasable Ring Binder Notebook in A5 size is one of our best sold products. Designed for you to work more productively, efficiently and with more overview: both in business and in private settings.

The multifunctional inside contains everything you need, such as lined, dotted, grids, blank, to do and weeklanner pages. This way, you can keep all your notes in one single notebook.

The notebook is made of sustainable stone paper. This paper is completely free from trees, water and nasty bleaches. It feels firm yet smooth, giving you the smoothest writing experience ever!

The (Frixion) ink of the supplied MOYU pen also dries fully on the paper, and can be erased with a damp cloth, without leaving any stains or traces. Next, you can rewrite the pages up to 500 times.

Finally, we plant one tree for every notebook sold, in collaboration with our local partner Trees For Kenya. In this way, together with you, we make the world a little greener every day!

Our erasable notebooks in A5 size are available in ten different designs.


About the inside of this notebook:

⬩ Stone paper cover with 40 pages
⬩ 3 x To Do List pages
⬩ 2 x Weekplanner pages (= 2 weeks)
⬩ 4 x Blank pages
⬩ 4 x Dotted pages
⬩ 5 x Grid pages
⬩ 20 x Lined pages

This is included in your order:

⬩ 1 x Erasable Notebook Ring Binder A5: White Wonder
⬩ 1 x MOYU Pen*
⬩ 1 x Cleaning Cloth
⬩ 1 x Pen Pal

*This pen contains the original Frixion ink. In combination with our stone paper, this ink is completely erasable, without leaving any stains. Be aware: ink of regular pens is not erasable.


About MOYU

With MOYU, we are committed to creating a world without paper waste, single use paper and deforestation. We are now well on our way and have already planted more than ten thousand trees. That’s how we contribute to our planet.

In 2020, MOYU has grown by more than 700%: a line that we are also continuing in 2021. We can now be found in more than thirty physical stores, spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France and at least 80% of these stores have already made one or more repeat purchases. Finally, the return percentage of our products is invariably below 2%.

POS Material & Displays for physical stores

Of course we can supply different types of POS material and displays to offer the customer as much context and storytelling about MOYU and stone paper as possible. In this way we ensure that the customer immediately understands how it works and what the benefits are.

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