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Chocolate pharmacy

Chocolate pharmacy

We offer a witty, high-quality and enjoyable chocolate gift with 6 flavors, using only natural flavors. Each chocolate jars applies its own behest (language and content of your choice, or our standard)

Here's an example:

  • Caramel - success
  • Vanilla - for profit
  • Lemon - energy
  • Strawberries - fulfillment of desires
  • Orange - contacts
  • Cappuccino - fatigue repellent.

Box can be personalized if you order at least 100 pieces - there is a possibility to prepare it in accordance with the season, such as Christmas nd call it "Santa vitamins" or on Midsummer "Midsummer Night energy" and so on!

Material: cardboard packaging, glass jars
Size: 23.8 х 22.5 х 4.8 cm,
Weight: Each jar containing 20 g of chocolate

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 pieces

* From 100 pieces can order a personalized box, up to 100 units, we offer a personalized label on the standard design of the box.

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